About Us

Our Experience

Front line roles as a network engineer or systems implementer quickly turned into leadership positions in Technology Management building Teams  in Infrastructure, Server/Data Center Management, Voice/Data Communications, and Software Implementations and Custom Code Development.   Certified as a Project Management Professional  (10+ years )and Professional Business Analyst  (4 years) I started focusing on Strategy Alignment in Project Execution for large national and multi-national corporations . Ask us about:

  • Strategic Initiative Development and Execution 
  • Creating a PMO Centers of Excellence with company specific tools & processes .
  • Using Organizational Change Management to drive success.

Our Approach

Collectively we can knock down obstacles none of us would ever be able to do alone. 

Project Improvement Experts won't invade your Office with "our system". We want to understand where things are working, and look for ways to streamline your processes. 

It's all about making sure the technology and processes are working for your Team and your Customers.

Why Us?

Being relevant to your customers is challenging when the world around you changes quickly. Project Improvement Experts specializes in connecting the processes and technology to meet your customer demands and expectations.